Crewsouth: Industry changes see virtual livestreams & webcasts on the rise

2021 will see Industry Changes that could be here to stay

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A major shift in our industry has quickly emerged over the past year, and Crewsouth is leading the way in offering "virtual production.  We use the term virtual production to describe how we can provide virtual producing and directing capability to our clients.  We use techniques to send single camera or multi-camera video feeds directly from our cameras to your laptop through a streaming platform such as Zoom and Webex.  This gives the producer or director a way to see the framing and lighting of the actual shot in real time.
It’s a great method for producers and directors to conduct interviews remotely and engage with their clients while being off site.  This allows for field producers who would normally be on location with us to view what is happening remotely. They're able to give real-time direction as needed all from the comfort of their own home or office.  


We utilize our gear to display multiple camera feeds and send those signals direct to your viewing device for an HD reference.  Don’t worry, we’re still filming 4k S-log in camera for those shoots that require extra detail in post.

The main advantages of this new trend in the Covid era are lower production costs in travel time and man power for production companies who normally send out field producers to work with local crews.  We can call this a trend for now; however, we have a strong feeling that this trend will be here to stay going forward in the business of television and film production.

On the flip side of the advantages to lower production costs, the remote producing will likely put strain on the jobs of those producers whose primary role is traveling to and from job locations.  A lot of the work done by field producers comes from on-the-ground personal contacts, location scouting, and more. While they can perform their roles remotely for now, a time may come when companies look for alternatives to produce and direct these remote video feeds.

Our clients at Crewsouth will certainly benefit from our ability to provide single, or multi-cam, video monitoring via streaming platforms. Production costs can be lowered or readjusted for more premium features such as an extra camera and/or specialty gear like gimbals, sliders, and more.

Our clients are able to add this feature to their productions at a cost effective rate. The opportunity to use zoom meetings for remote producing and directing, and being able to interact with their talent on set, opens the door for a host of possibilities going forward.

The future of production could very well be changing in front of us as we navigate forward through these unprecedented times.

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