video production in Alabama laptop stand turns your laptop into desktop studio

Turn your laptop into a desktop studio

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Our team at Crewsouth recently paired up with the design team at Vidiopia to create a marketing demo for their first product; Vu-U. 

 Vu-U is a revolutionary design for remote meetings and work-from-home situations.  It allows the customer to turn their ordinary laptop into a desktop studio all in the comfort of their own home or office space.  Forget about unflattering camera angles and little to no lighting for your camera.  Vu-U elevates the laptop camera for eye-level communicating and boasts two LED lights with soft covers to provide an evenly lit  appearance. 










The lights are designed to be positioned outside the user’s field of view which prevents glare and eye strain for a better experience.  The product features adjustable arms that can be folded down when the lights  are not needed, and it requires minimal desktop space to be used. 


Crewsouth produced the marketing shoot from pre-production to final cut.   For more information, and to order your own, visit