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ABC Nightline

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Earlier this year, our team at Crewsouth traveled to Lowndes County, Alabama with ABC Nightline to tell the story of Ellmore Bolling for Black History Month.  The interview with Mrs. Josephine involved a three camera setup with plenty of lighting to turn an Air BnB home into a set. We traveled across the county filming Broll of different locations that were a part of the Bolling family's history during the 1940s. One of the more interesting locations was an old schoolhouse where Mrs. Josephine learned to read and write.  According to her we learned a fascinating, but troubling, fact about the schoolhouse not mentioned in the Nightline story. The schoolhouse was used during the infamous Tuskeegee Sysphilis Experiment sponsored by the US Government between 1932-1972. 
Watch the full ABC Nightline story below.